Argument and Controversy

If there is one thing that Christians have done a great deal of over the centuries since Jesus walked the earth, it is disagree about many things.

It is human to disagree, and it is human to always want to be right about everything – fallen human that is.

However, dispute and disagreement is not always wrong. There are both godly and ungodly ways to be at variance with each other. Many of the major differences down the years have been the result of the Holy Spirit revealing a new or better way something should be done, or a new purpose he wants to bring about. Other disputes have been the result of sinful attitudes, particularly amongst church leaders who really should know better.

It’s a pity we can’t learn from scholars, academics, and scientists, who have made debate into an artform that actually can result in real progress in a particular discipline – if it is done good naturedly that is. I’m sure we learned this approach from the Hebrews, for whom the answer to an argument is never as enjoyable as the argument itself.

In this website we plan to progressively outline the areas of difference across the body of Christ, both historic and present day. We will also look at the ways in which they have been resolved, or, if not resolved, lived with in tension.

We will also examine the many ways in which things have and can go wrong, and what can be done about them. In this we include the various heresies propagated in the church, and the cults and other unhealthy religious groups that sometimes spin off from bad teaching.

A Work in Progress

The church’s penchant for argument is such that this website will never be finished. There are so many past topics to examine, and new debates arising all the time, that what we will do is as follows:

When we discover a topic worth including we will add it to the indices (or, if you are feeling argumentative – indexes). Once we have at least one article about that term the index entry will become a live link. So, at worst this site will be a useful list of words, and at best an encyclopedia of dispute. Realistically it will fall between these two points.

Not Necessarily a Neutral Source

While attempts will be made to be fair to all sides of a topic, we can only use material as it becomes available to us. Also, we make no apology for also stating our own position, as we see it from our reading of the Bible and from our own experience of God’s grace in our lives.

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  1. Joshua says:

    I must be honest, I do not see any controversy in this website. Some topics that could be a jump start could be the idea of homosexuality (at the extreme). “Will a homosexual go to heaven?” OR maybe try the thought of the Mormons and why do THEY consider themselves a Christian orthodoxy.

    Not trying to be a bust, I honestly think that is a great idea and I know it takes a lot of work to bring something like this to light.

    Keep up the good work,


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